If you want to get the opinion about your work you can always use a polish photography portal. One of them is Although is not as alive now as 10 years ago I show sometimes my work there. You won’t get much comments like ”nice, good job etc”. But instead you may get your ass or ego kicked.
Polish people are straightforward and at the same time they may be also cruel and aggressive. Not to mention that there is a group of people who is always adoring their own people’s work. So, if you are not one of them you may get something like: ”you better sell your camera”. Or I just checked this right now ”mmm, this session did not go well”.



I remember my photo of a dragonfly I made with the old Konica Minolta Z6. I have spent hours to find  this insect and make something decent, always in the morning whilst they are still sleeping, frozen, hibernated and full of dewdrops.
It’s not easy to shoot macro from 1-5 cm. The comment I received for this photo was: ”congratulations for owning great camera”. Today I take it as a compliment.




Dragonfly PL.jpg



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