You are upstairs in a small room, in your parents house. Only you, well dressed, the doors are closed.
And you call a company. You avoid small manufacturers and you don’t call big guys, there is always a problem with them, with group of companies. You never know who is a decision maker, it’s to much hassle. 2-10 million Euro turnover a year is perfect.

Princess street, Edinburgh.jpg

After 100 calls made yesterday, you are already a specialist in a new niche industry. You are a brilliant researcher. Brick by brick, call by call, you are getting there. Drilling machines, paper processing, cooling tables, microbiological safety cabinets, palletising systems, stone and sand separators, marine searchlight, flue gas condensing systems, more and more, all there, easy. Master of self motivation.
Edinburgh, Gallery.jpg

So, you call the company. You avoid secretary. Always the same questions.You hold the power. You tell what is it there for them. You tell them what they wanna hear. You know all the answers, you sense them.

Edinburgh, South street.jpg

Normally you are getting sent straight to CEO. Sometimes a German well experienced secretary is sending you to a sales manager. You never talk to sales managers, only big guys. Your sales manager talks to their sales manager, that’s it. You don’t break your rules, but you break your Big Brother rules.

Scottish Monument, Edinburgh.jpg

After all you are getting CEO or the owner of the company. You pitching him, should be 6 minutes, but you don’t care, no one is above you. It’s 20 minutes. You close him, again and again, but making things a bit more difficult for your follower.

Scottish Monument, Princess Street.jpg

Later on you are not sure if it’s deal, you are always running, you don’t care as you are already a specialist in a new beautiful industry. After 3 weeks they call you.

It’s a Deal!
It is Real, but without me.

Royal Mail, Edinburgh.jpg
Cold calling. Boiler room.


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