I was thinking lately about my photography. How has it all started? It was probably 17 years ago. My older brother has came from Netherlands and he has showed us the film slides. It was before a digital era and the experience was just spectacular.




Maybe it was when I was 12, me and my brother in my aunts room, as there was only one window to cover. My father ancient enlarger. Our own dark room. Who would think that somewhere in a poor village two boys are producing prints.




11 years ago I came to Scotland for the first time, and I bought here a Nikon f55 film camera. I was working in a rural hotel in Kinnaird and those pictures are from the first 35mm film roll.


Kinnaird Estate


But maybe it has started when I was in Germany, working as an au-pair of 12 shiba inu dogs. One photography from Hanover tells me that I liked the perspective and harmony from the very beginning. Unfortunately the original picture has been lost forever…





10 thoughts on “HOW HAS IT ALL STARTED?

  1. It’s great to remember the past as it helps defines our future. Great photos, but I’m loving the Hanover. The symmetry is amazing.


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