I had never my own DSLR camera until 2015. I was the owner of a Nikon Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens and I did not have a camera body to it. Though, I was using Nikon d40 of my sister. She had won the camera in a local photography competition. I am not so sure if the picture was made by her. Most likely the photo was my brother’s job, who has won a couple of competitions, plus had some publications. He is known for plastic landscapes e.g. Hasselblad Masters 2014.

Nikon 50mm 1.4.jpg

Nikon Nikkor 50mm F/1.4

Nikkor 50mm F1.4.jpg

So, after I came to Scotland I bought Nikon d5300 and I had 6 good months of morning and afternoon shooting. Nikon d5300 was sooo easy to use, very user-friendly. The pictures has been very contrasty straight from the camera. I am not so sure if I like that. The main mistake I have made was using cheap filters. Never use cheap filters for long exposure landscape or seascape photography.

I have sent my pictures to three competitions. First was Sony, I did not hope I would win anything there, but I knew that my photos later will be easy to find through search engines.
The second was monoawards, where I received a honorable mention and the third one was Scottish Landscape Photographer of the year. I have received an email that I am shortlisted and I will at least be in their on-line gallery. But nothing later has happened and I did not care. Sending photography to competitions was a hard work, I guess it is not for me,
now I am free.


Monochrome  Awards 2015, Honorable Mention – Changed


Cramond Island – Edinburgh


Polish ghost – Scotland

I was doing really well until there was one beautifully evening and I decided that Nikon d5300 was unable to capture what I have seen. But the problem at a time was mainly post production. I had an old computer and no photoshop.


Nikon d5300 – fail

So, as I make my decisions very quickly, I sold my d5300 and I moved to canon 5d first generation. Really that was the end of my landscape photography. It took me quite a while to learn Canon. It is a great camera, but new Nikon’s are miles away.
Later I have changed my duties for back-shifts and that was it. Finishing at 1 a.m. I could not do my seascapes at a time I wanted any more.

I was doing plenty of overtimes, but I did not have money. One day I talked to my wife that I will not be able to make such a big birthday party as last year for our daughter.
– So, sell the camera she replied.
– I will not fucking sell my camera, I said. (Years ago I sold my 50mm lens to pay our bills.)
2 weeks later we had a really nice time at my daughter birthday party.
But I remembered one thing my wife once said too:
– You are only happy when you are on your own with your camera in a forest or bush!
I had some money left, I decided that I should do what makes me happy, and here we are now, in a street photography.





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