– Excuse me guys, can you help me?
* No, thank you. One of them replied and turned away.
– Look, I am trying to make a photo here, and I just need a shadow of a person on it. I showed them my camera with a zigzag shadow picture I have made. You are a photographer, so you know what I mean and I turned to a guy with a huge camera.
* Yes, I know. So, you need something like modeling?
– Yeah, sort of.



* OK, so who do you want?
– Anyone, I’ve said. I tried to be nice but really I wanted the tallest one as I already thought of how high the shadow is and of course, the smallest oneย with a camera decided to help me, but at the end I didn’t mind.
* That’s OK? He stopped and posed unnaturally with his big bag and his gear.


– Yeah, but without your camera and without your bag – that would be great. And, he started posing again like a model to a magazine. No, no, no if you can just walk from my right to left without looking at me and I will try to catch that.
And so he did. I have made two pictures, I looked to the screen quite happy with the result. I showed the photo to three of them.
What you’ve got there? I’ve pointed to his camera… 6d?! That’s a really nice camera, man… I said.


from right


to left

It did not take long and I was gone. But they left there, and guess what they started to do in the same spot?…



helping myself





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