One day my wife came back home from work, she must have spoken to someone about a Brexit and she asked:

– How am I supposed to go to Poland now, without a valid passport?
* Nothing has changed yet, I replied. As I told you, you will make your passport in Poland, and you will go to Poland using your ID, if your ID is valid, I mentioned that to her for the first time. After a few minutes my wife came back.
– My ID is not valid too! It is your fault I have asked you to make a passport here in Scotland!
And really she asked me, but I could not be bothered to help her to do it, so I told my wife that she will make it in Poland.


After all I did not feel like I want to go to Poland, driving  my old corsa there. I was getting paranoid that something during our journey will happen. I quickly adjusted, calmed my daughter, as I bought a tickets to fly to Poland for November.
Anyway we went to the embassy to try to make a temporary passport, it was possible to do it but I did not push to hard. On the way there in our car my wife started all the accusations again. She looked nice in her new clothes. She was supposed to save for our holiday. First she said 700 pounds, later 300 and at the end it came to zero, instead all the money were spent on clothes. It was probably one of the reason why i was anxious about our holiday.
So, she was in a very depressing mode, dragging me down again, and again. And at some point I told her that I really prefer to look at her, than to listen to her.



Few days later I was thinking about what I have said, as after my words my wife went calm and somehow very relaxed. So, she actually took my words as a complement.
And I thought back then, that as far as she is a terrible wife and a woman, I am also a terrible husband and a man.


By the way, we went for a holiday to Lake District in England. I did not have much time for photography, but I managed to steal a few photos.








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