From time to time I find someone I like to watch and listen to. Whether it is a politician like Tony Blair, who I think is a great speaker but a terrible decision maker or it is a motivation speaker like Anthony Robbins or Brian Tracy I completely switch to what they want to say and how they say it. Than I listen to One all over again, until I find someone New, with new ideas.
Listening to a good music works for me in the same way.

Science I bought Ricoh GRD IV I was using black and white mode only but lately I started to think about color. It came to me after I have watched every single clip I could find on the internet of 78 old street photographer Joel Meyerowitz. Photographer who not only is one of the best in color street photography category, but also one of a few who can translate pictures into words in a refined style.


What I have learned is that Joel Meyerowitz was sometimes using two cameras, one with black and white film and the second was color film camera. That helped him to see what works better. Of course, not every situation allowed him to do it. I have intentionally resigned from colors, as it is my way of seeing, but he made me think that occasionally I should be shooting RAW images.










‘Why does it always rain on me?
Even when the sun is shining
I can’t avoid the lightning…’ ¬†TRAVIS


6 thoughts on “JOEL, RAIN AND COLOR

  1. Very nice collection. They all have something special albeit in my opinion 6 & 7 don’t fit because they are not so strong. I shoot quite a lot with the GR II and love this little and very good performer.


    • Thank you Stephan, I really appreciate your comment and I agree with you. These two pictures have more to do with my feelings, if I would wait longer I probably would not include them… Time always helps to choose the right ones.
      I have seen you use 2 filters at the same time for long exposure. Did you see any quality loss when compared to one filter?
      I like your picture Solitude, simple, minimalistic and great. It looks less then 240′.

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      • I haven’t noticed quality loss but then again, I am not really a pixel peeper. Probably it does but I don’t see it. Each filter, same brand, used on its own does not shed a color cast as some cheap ND filters tend to do. Combining them both does give a very slight color cast but that is easily corrected in post.
        Over time I learned to not look at my images after a shoot just to get rid of the emotional connection one can have with some images or the idea of having shot something great. Yeah, that is good practice.


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