It is already 6 months science I started to focus on a street photography. It is an interesting journey. For 6 months I was using Ricoh GRD Iv, and only Ricoh. I have learned that I need more batteries and a space on my SD card. It would be nice to get a bigger size sensor for better quality prints but I am not getting paranoid now.
After all GRD IV is a decent camera and I am more interesting in a creativity now. I have a few projects in my head, though I can’t start them. I only need the sun. One more month and there will be a 6 months dark era in Scotland. I was gonna make a facebook page, but time is not on my side. Also would be good to put a few pictures on my instagram, but again time is not on my side.

So, every time I go to Edinburgh, it seems as there is more an more homeless people. My daughter always asks me to give beggars some money. Even a story that  really those people are rich did not help. We have that story about Romanian gypsies who are begging in Poland, that in reality they have huge homes and  drives Mercedeses, but in Edinburgh they are poor, it is real. I left all homeless alone and I try not to make any picture of them, as it is a very sensitive subject for photography and really challenging. But one time I  have seen this little boy making a photography of a homeless person, it instantly get me interested. I have stopped very close to this boy, if I would stretch my arm I could touch him. I have learned that if you can touch your first plan in your photography frame, it is easy to construct the second, and possibly get the third layer.

The boy must have feel my breath, as soon as he finished he turned and looked at me. I don’t know why he made his picture. Was he curious, or was that sorrow? Or maybe a famous street photographer or photojournalist was born. One week later I have seen that begging women and just nothing could stopped me to make her a photo, but really I was more intrigued and interested in the shadow and the sun. Lately I am more generous, and try to give my share to those people, although I don’t think I am helping them. I visited lately Yuri Rasin worldpress blog. It is worth to do it. I have never heard about Vivian Maier before. Fascinating that she was making pictures only for herself. I feel I should not worry about the exposure I get, likes I receive. Who care if I have a 100000 followers or 100.


Maybe Erik Kim cares, I don’t know. Maybe he cares that he is the first on google search. By the way, he is a great marketing guy and does decent work. Although he scares people of  sometimes with his flash. I never use flash as I am an invisible man. After all we don’t want the UK low to be changed, and we don’t want street photography  to be prohibited. Who would be doing pictures than, when you could get a life sentence for making a picture of a walking man. I would. You could see my work  in a secret location. It is fascinating and prohibited or it is fascinating because it is prohibited…



19 thoughts on “6 MONTHS

  1. Intriguing images, great work. The boy is striking, the begging woman very strong.
    I agree, photography should be about yourself and not to pleasure others.

    I own the Ricoh GR II and am very happy with it. It is a small, little and very powerful camera.

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    • Thank you for your comment, sometimes I have a hell at home, so I am literally not able to put two words together… As I always buy pre-used cameras time for Ricoh GR or Fujifilm X100 is slowly coming….


  2. Good images here. The sun is only a prop in street photography, and the homeless should never be your subject of it (unless you are doing a documentary on the homeless). Keep shooting my friend, and do it because YOU like to shoot and forget about the number of likes and followers (unless thats what your ego needs). If they are as striking as these, we’ll follow 😉


  3. Very beautiful results! I interested in this camera too. Last week just read all the info about ii and iv versions and finaly put my attention to very important part for – there is no viewfinder and i dont like to shoot from the back screen. I decided to find to myself something else or just to stay with a film GR1S that i bought two years ago. Again thank you for the results and an info.

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