Edinburgh festival

I was never a fan of a situation street photography. Something Matt Stuart does very well. I appreciate it, I like it, but it is not what I want to do.

Just a few days after the Edinburgh festival has ended, Edinburgh streets looks completely different, no chaos anymore, just silence. I have only managed to go to a festival once, there was like thousand of people, crowded and I could not focus at all.
I have moved to less busy streets and than I have seen those two guys that instantly got me interested. I have quickly made a picture of them, but it was after I have seen this photo on my computer I started to read it. A pair of guys, hanging a pair of posters, on each poster there is a couple,  in the second plan you can see two girls and all this is summed up with the stop sight when we have two human figures. Street photography coincident you call it.

Unfortunately I have lost a bit of the image quality, I always use manual settings, on this occasion ISO 800 was definitely to high.

So, as I moved to less crowded streets I started to see more. And there he was, probably a street performer, listening to a music and resting in the sunlight. He looked at me, and I felt instantly that he is giving me the permission to take a picture. I did not want to get closer, did not want to interrupted him, his peace at this time.

It was the same day I was waiting for someone to complete my frame. I probably could be quicker, and if you look at this man listening the music and a dog with sunglasses surely you will find a correlation.

Sometimes the right moment is vital.


I like photography when the sun and the shadow plays main role. I have seen the hand resting on a barrier of that girl from a long distance, she was talking to someone else. She did not mind me photographing her, but she covered her face, she was laughing. I have made a two pictures, I smiled, I left.




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