Every now and again I start something and than I am not finishing it, or better every now and again something dies in me, fell in coma. I started to think when there will be a day that I will wake up and I will not feel a need of making pictures and what I will be doing at that time. Photography is a complex hobby. If you want to you may never get bored. One day you can do a street photography and the next day you may do just a random family snaps or one day you making digital electronical and the second day you making film and archaical . Photography is good for people like me who likes changes.


So, I did not feel physically well lately, a super Scottish virus has knocked me with his super-punch, and I have a mark on my lips now. I went to take my daughter to a gymnastic and I took my camera. It is challenging making photos when my wife and my daughter are around. I prefer alpha state when I am fully concentrated and I am in that state only when I am on my own. I was thinking about something that will motivate me. I can’t get a new camera as I have no funds, and after all its only a toy. For a very long time I knew that I will be using mirrors at some point for my project. They are not that expensive although bigger are. But I start small. Typically like I always do using 10% of my abilities and 10% of my imagination. Like I am scared of what I could achieve if I would put all on the table.


Suddenly a running dog has scared me, later it came out that he was only chasing a reflection from my mirror. It was when I was 14 a dog of my friend, a big black dog who was always in captivity, has managed to break off the chain and he bite me. I had to go to a hospital to get a few stitches. And since than I was paranoid and scared of dogs, when I saw a little doggy of granny I was always changing the site of the road, changing direction.


5 years after that accident I wanted to learn German. I wanted to go on my own, this time without help of my family that lives near Frankfurt. The only way I could think of was being an aupair and so I found& a nice German family wanted someone for 12 Shiba Inu (japanease dogs). Against my fears I went for it and immediately I became part of the pack. One dog was even sleeping in my room. I was cured.
Today when I see my wife with our dog and when I think about a German family only one thing is coming to my mind: treat people like you treat your dog, please.














  1. I agree with previous comments that the series is great. And I also can’t agree more with your points on photography as a hobby and how it is difficult to stay focused on taking pictures when your family is around. I could never do street photography when walking with my wife and son.


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