I don’t know what to think about the mirror project. It’s interesting, but demanding idea. Maybe I should get bigger mirror or I should interact  with street people more.


Sometimes I don’t feel like taking photos and also I don’t know why I go out with my camera always on Fridays. Just after I take my daughter to school, I have 2-3 hours for myself. The sun was shining this time, but I could expect that before I will get to the city there will be raining. I have promised my daughter not to be late as the last time I nearly forgot. Likely I was very close to school. I told her that this time I will write the message on my hand. Just like a main character from the movie Memento. She was happy, after school checking my hands.


So, I went to supermarket to park my car. On the way there I have seen a cool scene, but there was nowhere to park. I used the idea at the supermarket where was a similar wall. Second picture and I was already happy.


I moved further, I never stop for very long, to me process of making photography is more important than the end so called product. It should not be like that, I take photos to have the reason to go for a walk.
I am still at the supermarket, I am trying to fill two light gates at the same time.




OK. I gotta go. I moved towards Scottish Parliament. Now I am chasing a man with a mobile phone, from time to time his shadow alter ego appears on the wall. I have it. Later during the post-production I cut his head off. This is how we are loosing our minds through technology now days. If not because of my wife I would probably be living in the mountains as a monk.


I stop for a while take out my mirror, the wind is blowing, so I put it away.
The same spot a nice reflection, flash and a lonely human being.


I am closer to Parliament now. I see two buses, I make a photo of a bus driver, he does not care, he is like a monument, or maybe half asleep.


I go to the next one, this one is patient but a bit pissed off, I feel it. One, two, I put my camera away. At the same time Dave is pressing the bus horn. He scared me, I hear a ringing in my ear. I look at him. He is telling: ”who, me?, noo” without saying anything, all understood.


I wait for someone to fill the frame. Walk through the light. One person seeing that I am waiting, goes to another side of the road. I put my camera away and wait. A couple is walking towards me, I walk towards them, I am in the middle of the road.


From a long distance I see a good looking girl, I wait for her, a taxi is coming, I can’t isolate that.


I am next to Parliament, one picture of a runner. Lovely light.


A policeman, I make a picture, not too close. He is telling me that this is rude, and that many people making pictures there, he knows it’s a public place. I show him my picture: ”look at the light” I say. I ask if I the Parliament is open.


I am now inside but I can’t make pictures in the most interesting place full of policemen and low light.
There is an interesting exposition of black and white pictures, a cool picture of young Jack Nicholson.


I am back in the street, it is raining.


Time is clicking. Another bus driver, I smile, he smiles, simple.


My hand.
My head.

I make a photo of a woman. She is introducing herself. She is asking if I have made a photo of her, I am smiling. She hears my accent, asks if I am polish. I say I am Russian, I am in a funny mood. I am Ivan Robert Ivanowich. The lady is telling that she is going to a funeral. I did not hear that. I heard: I go to. So, I have replied: ”thats, nice”. Nice?… She asks if I have a girlfriend, I said I have a wife. ”I wish you were my girlfriend she said”, and did something else… I did not continue our conversation. Was to late to talk.


I am back at the supermarket, only one gate of light. I try from the same angle, than I moved lower as I wanted more action.



A running man is a picture to close the walk.

So, what are you running from?


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