About a boy.


There is a 5 years old boy that follows me. He goes to sleep now, and there is his brother next to him. In the middle of a room, sleeps his father and mother. Mother is already asleep, she goes to work in the morning. Next to their heads, there is their older sister. In two years the Grandfather will sleep in the kitchen. And the newborn young sister will sleep, God knows where. Father watches interesting movies at night, the boy is covered with a duvet, he watches too. The boy understands a lot. His mother does not need to think about the school, the boy takes care of it, he works hard, he is a very good pupil. He is in his brother clothes, he does not complain, he understands. I have learned to live with this boy.


I am in Glasgow, her hand has moved towards me, she wants to talk, a street mural, I have learned to ignore it, at the end she does what I want.


A fraction of a second and she will disappear, the boy seldom does.


So, you look deep in yourself, and it may even be through Vivian Maier eyes.


You hold a 200 pound camera, you hold a knife against swards, and even against fucking machine guns. But that is OK, you try to make the best of it, and you are a good boy. You don’t complain. If needed you sell your camera to pay for your daughter birthday, you sell your lens to pay the bills. You pay the bills and you have nothing, and your wife is throwing money away, to kill her demons.
You are a David, you throw the stone and all the glass wall that is surrounding you falls down.


Life still goes on. The boy follows you, because there is a cure and hope.


Life still goes on. The boy follows you, because there is a cure and hope.


You can stop the boy or even if you can’t stop the boy, you can move forward.


Lately the ghostly boy is waking me up at night. He says: ”it is time and goes away.” And one day he says that to all of you: ”it is time to to something for yourself”.


Before it is too late.


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